Loomis Apple Ranch

  Sweet Apple Cider!

'Not alcoholic'


We make our cider with a combination of McIntosh Apples and different varieties of apples based on what is available during the season.

Starting with the McIntosh Apple allows a sweet-tart base that makes your lips smack. Adding a more mellow but sweet apple such as Golden Delicious or LoDi to make the mix even sweeter.

We begin with the prep work. We have been Health Department Certified since we started making cider in the early 90's. Everything we touch in the clean room is cleaned and sterilized- especially the apples.

After picking, the apples are washed and sorted in the apple washer and then brought in to the clean room and washed and rinsed three additional times before being put into the hopper for chopping up to go into the cloth cheese form.


After several cheese cloth forms are made we push the stack under a hydraulic press.

We press the apples using about 2000 pounds of pressure and the juice comes out and into a reservoir.


The juice is transferred from the press reservoir to the barrel in the cool room with a food grade pump and hose through the wall. We allow the mix to sit for a day in a barrel in the walk in refrigerator.

The end product is a non-pasteurized, non-filtered, straight from the apple 'cider'.  Tastes just like you bit into an apple, without the crunch.

We bottle gallon, half gallon and sometimes quart jugs for sale at the local farmers market and for our loyal customers that have preordered. We freeze what is left over for our Holiday customers.

Several times a season we offer to press apples for people that have their own trees. Please call us to ask about pricing or set up a time that we can press for you.